Research Publications

The publications listed in these pages have been selected to provide recent information on household food insecurity in Canada; they do not represent an exhaustive list of literature on the topic. Some of the articles were written by members of PROOF, but they are not necessarily products of this research program. All of the articles listed were published in peer-reviewed academic journals and have been organized by research topic.

Public policy and public programs to address food insecurity

Social determinants of food insecurity

Health, nutrition, and food insecurity

Lived experience of food insecurity

Community food programs

Indigenous peoples and food insecurity

Recent Publications

The following are recent PROOF publications. Please email for PDF copies.

Examining the relationship between food insecurity and causes of injury in Canadian adults and adolescents.
Men, F., Urquia, M. L., & Tarasuk, V.
BMC public health 2021
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Black–white racial disparities in household food insecurity from 2005 to 2014
Dhunna S, Tarasuk V. , Canada.
Can J Public Health 2021
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Food insecurity is associated with mental health problems among Canadian youth
Men F, Elgar FJ, Tarasuk V.
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 2021

Food insecurity, chronic pain, and use of prescription opioids
Men F, Fischer B, Urquia ML, Tarasuk V.
SSM – Population Health 2021

The role of provincial social policies and economic environments in shaping food insecurity among Canadian families with children
Men F, Urquia ML, Tarasuk V.
Preventive Medicine 2021

Family policy and food insecurity: an observational analysis in 142 countries.
Reeves, A., Loopstra, R., & Tarasuk, V.
The Lancet Planetary Health 2021

Wage-setting policies, employment, and food insecurity: A multilevel analysis of 492 078 people in 139 countries
Reeves, A., Loopstra, R., & Tarasuk, V.
American Journal of Public Health 2021

Food insecurity is associated with higher health care use and costs among Canadian adults
Men F, Gundersen C, Urquia ML, Tarasuk V.
Health Affairs 2020

Association between household food insecurity and mortality in Canada: a population-based retrospective cohort study
Men, F., Gundersen, C., Urquia, M. L., & Tarasuk, V.
CMAJ 2020
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Severe food insecurity associated with mortality among lower-income Canadian adults approaching eligibility for public pensions: a population cohort study
Men F, Tarasuk V.
BMC Public Health 2020
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Maternal food insecurity is positively associated with postpartum mental disorders in Ontario, Canada
Tarasuk, V., Gundersen, C., Wang, X., Roth, D. E., & Urquia, M. L.
The Journal of Nutrition 2020

Homeownership status and risk of food insecurity: examining the role of housing debt, housing expenditure and housing asset using a cross-sectional population-based survey of Canadian households
St-Germain, A. A. F., & Tarasuk, V.
International journal for equity in health 2020
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Liberal trade policy and food insecurity across the income distribution: an observational analysis in 132 countries, 2014–17
Barlow, P., Loopstra, R., Tarasuk, V., & Reeves A
The Lancet Global Health 2020

Household Food Insecurity in Ontario during a Period of Poverty Reduction, 2005–2014
Tarasuk V, Li N, Dachner N, Mitchell A
Canadian Public Policy 2019

The Relationship Between Food Banks and Food Insecurity: Insights from Canada
Tarasuk V, Fafard St-Germain AA, Loopstra R
Voluntas 2019.

Household food insecurity narrows the sex gap in five adverse mental health outcomes among Canadian adults
Jessiman-Perreault G, McIntyre L
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2019;16(3):1-15.
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Geographic & socio-demographic predictors of household food insecurity in Canada
Tarasuk VS, Fafard St-Germain AA, Mitchell A
BMC Public Health 2019;19

The application of ‘valence’ to the idea of household food insecurity in Canada
McIntyre L, Patterson PB, Mah CL
Social Science & Medicine 2018; 220: 176-183.

Tackling household food insecurity: An essential goal of a national food policy
Dachner N, Tarasuk V
Canadian Food Studies 2018; 5(3): 230-247.
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Food insecurity status and mortality among adults in Ontario, Canada
Gundersen C, Tarasuk V, Cheng J, de Oliveira C, Kurdyak P
PLOS ONE 2018; 13(8): e0202642.
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The case for more comprehensive data on household food insecurity
Tarasuk V, Li T, Mitchell A, Dachner N
Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada 2018; 38(5): 210-213.
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Prioritization of the essentials in the spending patterns of Canadian households experiencing food insecurity
Fafard-St.Germain AA, Tarasuk V
Public Health Nutrition 2018; 21(11): 2065-2078.

The relationship between household food insecurity and breastfeeding in Canada
Orr S, Dachner N, Frank L, Tarasuk V
Canadian Medical Association Journal 2018; 190(11): E312-319.
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A social network analysis of Canadian food insecurity policy actors
McIntyre L, Jessiman-Perreault G, Mah CL, Godley J
Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research 2018; 79: 1-7.

The relation between food insecurity and mental health care service utilization in Ontario
Tarasuk V, Cheng J, Gundersen C, de Oliveira C, Kurdyak P
Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 2018; 63(8): 557-569.

A natural experimental study of the protective effect of home ownership on household food insecurity in Canada before and after a recession (2008–2009)
McIntyre L, Wu X, Kwok C, Emery H
Canadian Journal of Public Health 2017; 108(2): e135–e144.

High vulnerability to household food insecurity in a sample of Canadian renter households in government-subsidized housing
Fafard St-Germain AA, Tarasuk V
Canadian Journal of Public Health 2017; 108(2): e129–e134.

Adults’ food skills and use of gardens are not associated with household food insecurity in Canada
Huisken A, Orr SK, Tarasuk V.
Canadian Journal of Public Health 2017; 107(6), e526-e532.

The household food insecurity gradient and potential reductions in adverse population mental health outcomes in Canadian adults
Jessiman-Perreault G, McIntyre L.
SSM-Population Health 2017; 3: 464-472.
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Food assistance programs and food insecurity: implications for Canada in light of the mixing problem
Gundersen C, Kreider B, Pepper J, Tarasuk V
Empirical Economics 2017; 52(3): 1065-1087.

The pervasive effect of youth self-report of hunger on depression over 6 years of follow up
McIntyre L, Wu X, Kwok C, Patten SB.
Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 2017; 52(5): 537–547.