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Updated: December 21, 2018

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Dr. Valerie Tarasuk
AM980 The Craig Needles Show – November 8, 2018

Interview with Valerie Tarasuk re: Federal Poverty Reduction Strategy
AM980 The Craig Needles Show – August 24, 2018 [Begins at 28:58]

Craig Needles in conversation with Valerie Tarasuk
AM980 The Craig Needles Show – February 27, 2018

Fighting Food Insecurity With Low Income Families
AM980 CKNW Vancouver The Jill Bennett Show – June 17, 2017

Ontario won’t measure household food insecurity
AM640 The Morning Show – May 30, 2017

Craig Needles and Dr. Valerie Tarasuk Discuss Food Insecurity
AM980 The Craig Needles Show – March 16, 2017

Craig Needles discusses poverty with Dr.Valerie Tarasuk
AM980 The Craig Needles Show – October 7, 2016

Food Insecurity in BC
107.7 Pulse FM Kash Heed Show – September 5, 2016

The Meaning and Measure of Household Food Insecurity
FARE Talk Podcast (University of Guelph) – July 5, 2016

Household food insecurity is associated with higher health care costs
Canadian Medical Association Journal Podcast. August 4, 2015


Food insecurity hot topic at North Bay forum
CTV News Northern Ontario – November 30, 2017

Nunavut’s food insecurity ‘crisis’
CBC The National. May 20, 2017

Seniors and Food Insecurity – Begins at 1:15
Breakfast Television Calgary. October 25, 2016

Hungry in Ontario
TVO The Agenda. April 5, 2016

Canadian Food Crisis
CTV National News. August 17, 2015
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Food insecurity takes ‘significant toll’ on health care system: study
CTV News Canada AM. August 10, 2015
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1 in 8 Canadian families struggle to put food on table, study says
CBC News. July 29, 2013


Food security and your health.
Knoll J. Upstream. December 4, 2018.

Hunger in a city of plenty.
Lewsen S. The Local. October 3, 2018.

Basic income: A no-brainer in economic hard times.
Mah C. The Conversation. August 2, 2018.

Bare shelves at one Ontario food bank illustrate summer struggle.
Duhatschek P. CBC News. July 2, 2018.

PEI ties for highest rate of food-insecure children among provinces.
Yarr K. CBC News. June 26, 2018.

One in two Indigenous children in danger of going to school hungry.
Green M. Toronto Star. June 21, 2018.

‘This isn’t solved by giving somebody a bag of food’. An interview with food insecurity expert Valerie Tarasuk.
Devet R. Nova Scotia Advocate. May 1, 2018.

Food won’t solve hunger.
Saul N. Community Food Centres Canada. April 19, 2018.

Whilst feeding people let’s do as much as we can to highlight the reasons why.
Mayfield S. Good Food Oxford. April 16, 2018.

Study finds moms living in poverty struggle to breastfeed their babies longer.
Szklarski C. National Post. March 21, 2018.

‘We’re failing some children:’ Women struggling to put food on table may be less likely to keep breastfeeding.
CBC News. March 20, 2018.

Women with food insecurity less likely to breastfeed: U of T Study.
Oldfield J. U of T News. March 19, 2018.

Women in food-insecure households stop exclusive breastfeeding sooner.
Young L. Global News. March 19, 2018.

Studying Food Insecurity — With a Hole in the Data.
Oldfield J. University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine News. December 19, 2017.

3 reasons reducing food waste won’t reduce food insecurity.
Yarr K. CBC News PEI. December 12, 2017.

Community event calls for income-based response to household food insecurity.
Wellington Advertiser. November 3, 2017.

Corporate Food Waste Isn’t the Way to Solve Hunger in Canada.
Dachner N, Tarasuk V. Huffington Post. October 25, 2017.

Food waste and food insecurity in Canada.
Dachner N, Tarasuk V. Upstream. October 23, 2017.

Changing the rules in the hunger game.
Bridgeman T. Guelph Today. October 20, 2017.

The Poor Need a Guaranteed Income, Not Our Charity.
Kimmett C. The Walrus. July 6, 2017.

Public health experts blame Ontario government for gap in food insecurity data.
Richa S. Globe and Mail. July 4, 2017.

Guaranteed income is a solution to food insecurity: report.
Desjardins L. Radio Canada International. July 3, 2017.

A Conversation with Naomi Dachner on Food Insecurity and Health Care Costs in Canada.
Food Tank. June 23, 2017.

Nunavut gets failing grade on food security.
Wilson H. Canadian Geographic. May 24, 2017.

We Need To Keep The Pressure On Our Politicians To End Poverty.
Saul N. Huffington Post. May 24, 2017.

La malnutrition au Nunavut : « une crise nationale », disent des experts. May 23, 2017.

The Price of Food in Canada’s North Will Shock You
Simpson V. RateMDs. May 21, 2017.

Nunavut’s Food Insecurity Is ‘Far Greater’ Than The Rest Of Canada: Report.
Abedi M. Huffington Post. May 20, 2017

Food insecurity in Nunavut ‘should be considered a national crisis,’ expert says.
CBC News. May 19, 2017.

Ten Things to Know About Social Assistance in Canada.
Falvo N. Behind The Numbers. May 9, 2017.

Need to have something concrete’: New strategy to address Ontario food insecurity
Olivia Stefanovich. CBC News (Sudbury). May 5, 2017

A Basic Income and Food Security Strategy: Is Ontario Tackling Food Insecurity?
Food Secure Canada. May 4, 2017

35 Years On.
Rachel Gray. 35 Years On. Huffington Post. May 4, 2017

Food Bank Panel Discusses Need for Long-Term Solutions to Food Insecurity
Josie Di Felice. Sustain Ontario. April 18, 2017

Community Food Centres Canada are Next-Gen Food Banks
Joshua Ostroff. Huffington Post. April 13, 2017

Nutritious food costs up, health unit finds
Jenn Watt. The Echo Haliburton County. April 4, 2017

Beyond Food Security: Accounting for Community Needs in Kugaaruk, Nunavut
Merissa Daborn. Northern Public Affairs. April 1, 2017

Busting myths about food insecurity: Community gardens, subsidized housing not answers
Sara Fraser, Laura Chapin. CBC News PEI. March 14, 2017

How do we solve hunger?
Theresa Ketterling. The Review. February 15, 2017

When Community Food Security Isn’t Enough: Repairing the Poverty ‘Bridge’ in BC | Part II
BC Food Security Gateway. February 1, 2017

When Community Food Security Isn’t Enough: Repairing the Poverty ‘Bridge’ in BC | Part I
BC Food Security Gateway. January 17, 2017

Improved diet would lower health costs
Jeffrey Carter. The Western Producer. January 5, 2017

Love Your Community by Providing the Right to Food
Kirsten Lee. WR Food System. December 28, 2016

Putting food on the table
Brynna Leslie. Ottawa Community News. December 21, 2016

Food insecurity is rooted in poverty
Lisa Simon. December 17, 2016

Montreal Food Banks: While Some Struggle, Others Strive
Joshua De Costa. The Link. December 6 2016

9420 $ par famille pour l’épicerie
Marie-Ève Dumont. Le Journal de Montreal. December 5, 2016

Taking part in the holiday spirit of giving – Does food charity alleviate hunger?
OSNPPH. HC Link. December 2, 2016

Advancing Food Insecurity Research in Canada – PROOF conference takeaways
Food Secure Canada. December 2, 2016

Getting more expensive to eat
Graeme McNaughton. The Oshawa Express. December 1, 2016

Food insecurity rooted in poverty
Lisa Simon. Orillia Packet. November 30, 2016

Our Governments’ Approach to Child Poverty is All Wrong
Wayne Roberts. Torontoist. November 24, 2016

Basic income a solution to food insecurity, says professor
Kate McGillivray. CBCNews Toronto. November 18, 2016

Basic Income Can Reduce Food Insecurity and Improve Health
Jim Oldfield. University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine News. November 16, 2016

New academic research shows that basic income improves health
Nick Yeretsian. Basic Income Earth Network. November 11, 2016

Guaranteed incomes cut food insecurity in half, finds new Canadian study
Jayson Maclean. Cantech Letter. November 3, 2016

Ontario Needs A New Common-Sense Approach To Social Assistance
Community Food Centres Canada. Huffington Post. October 31, 2016

Ontario report touting basic income likely to target middle-aged women, disabled adults for most help
Rebecca Fortin. National Post. October 26, 2016

Study finds food insecurity issues halved by guaranteed annual income
Trevor Kenney. University of Lethbridge Unews. October 21, 2016

Should the security provided by Old Age Security be age-centric?
Brittany DeAngelis. University of Calgary UToday. October 12, 2016

Never heard of a basic income guarantee? You might want to read this
Jonathan Migneault. October 11, 2016

One in 10 in Sudbury does not have enough to eat
Mary Katherine Keown. Sudbury Star. October 7, 2016

We shouldn’t have to choose
Katherine English. Dalla Lana School of Public Health Conference Blog. September 19, 2016

Let’s break the cycle of endless studies and consultations
Mike Balkwill. Toronto Star. September 12, 2016

Vivre dans la faim en Colombie-Britannique
Marylene Tetu. September 8, 2016

Northern B.C. families have highest levels of food insecurity
Jonny Wakefield. Dawson Creek Mirror, Alaska Highway News, Business in Vancouver. September 2, 2016

Half a million British Columbians experience food insecurity, says new study
Jayson Maclean. Cantech Letter. September 1, 2016

For many families on Island, finding healthy food a struggle: report
Amy Smart. Time Colonist. September 1, 2016

Half a million families are going hungry in B.C., report says
Tara Carman. Vancouver Sun, The Province, Prince George Citizen. August 31, 2016

Great New Factsheets on Food Insecurity Now Available
Francois Zeller. Food Secure Canada. July 21, 2016

On food insecurity and health
Community Food Centres Canada. July 20, 2016

Stop Trying To Solve Hunger With Corporate Food Waste
Nick Saul. Huffington Post. June 7, 2016

Toronto’s Food Insecurity Can’t Be Fixed By Charity
Laura Anderson. Huffington Post. June 6, 2016

Toronto’s growing food insecurity crisis
Joe Mihevc. Now Toronto. April 25, 2016

Insécurité alimentaire au Canada : 1 enfant sur 6 touché
Veille Action. April 9, 2016

P.E.I. NDP leader wants summit to eradicate child poverty
Shane Ross. CBC News PEI. April 8, 2016

Record Rates of Food Insecurity in Canada’s North
Hannah Hoag. Arctic Deeply. April 8, 2016

Food Prices Are Out of Control in Northern Canada
Hilary Beaumont. Vice. April 8, 2016

P.E.I. still worst province for children not getting enough healthy food
Laura Chapin. CBC News PEI. April 7, 2016

Hunger an issue for one in eight Toronto region households, says new report
May Warren. Toronto Star. April 7, 2016

Insécurité alimentaire prononcée dans les Maritimes
Pierre Philippe LeBlanc. Radio Canada. April 6, 2016

Nunavut, Northwest Territories food insecurity reaches record level: study
John Van Dusen. CBC News North. April 6, 2016

Many New Brunswickers struggle to afford food, report finds
Karin Reid-LeBlanc. CBC News New Brunswick. April 6, 2016

Experts sound alarm on ‘food insecurity’ in Canada
Heidi Westfield. National Post. March 18, 2016

Political Talk about Food Insecurity in Canada
Laura Anderson. University of Toronto Press Journal Blog. February 24, 2016

Food bank stats don’t tell the story of food insecurity
Timmie Li. Upstream. February 22, 2016

Low-income families struggle to feed their kids healthy foods as prices rise
Aleksandra Sagan. The Canadian Press. February 19, 2016.

Five things abouts food insecurity in Canada
Carolyn Shimmin & Valerie Tarasuk. Policy Options. January 7, 2016

Many Canadians struggle to put food on the table, five things about food insecurity in Canada
Carolyn Shimmin & Valerie Tarasuk. The Hill Times. January 6, 2016

5 Things To Know About Food Insecurity In Canada
Carolyn Shimmin & Valerie Tarasuk. Huffington Post Canada. January 4, 2016

5 things you should know about food insecurity in Canada
Carolyn Shimmin & Valerie Tarasuk. Globe and Mail.December 23, 2015

Doing a bit isn’t enough
Graham Riches. Vancouver Sun. December 28, 2015

There’s a Food Security Crisis in Canada and It’s Worse Than You Think
Rebecca Tucker. Vice. December 7, 2015

B.C. food banks call for more government action on poverty
CBC BC. December 3, 2015

Hungry in Toronto Photo Essay
Valerie Tarasuk, UofTMed Magazine. December 1, 2015

Donating ‘edible waste’ to food banks in exchange for tax credit? Now that’s a rubbish idea
Valerie Tarasuk. The Globe and Mail. November 2, 2015

Chew on this: Why do we accept poverty in a nation as rich as Canada?
Leilani Farha & Joe Gunn. October 17, 2015

Can policy-makers reconcile food security issues with reality?
Sam Riches. TVO. October 15, 2015

No real improvement on poverty in Canada
Darlene O’Leary. October 16, 2015

Food insecurity rates for Nova Scotia and Halifax worst in Canada
CBC Nova Scotia. October 8, 2015

More Fantastic Reasons To Support a Basic Income in Canada
House of Friendship. September 23, 2015

Policy Solutions for Food Insecurity in Canada
Jen Hatchard. Waterloo Region Food System. September 4, 2015

Policies should focus on basic needs
Trevor Hancock. Times Colonist. September 2, 2015

Nunavut’s food insecurity problem could be costly for health care system
Natasha McDonald-Dupuis. CBC News. September 1, 2015

How food insecurity is adding to our health care costs
Elaine Waxman. Urban Institute. August 26, 2015

Study: Food insecurity takes significant toll on Ontario health care system
Food In Peterborough. August 12, 2015

Food insecurity a huge drain on health-care costs, study shows
CBC Calgary. August 11, 2015

Lack of proper access to food costs the health care system: study
Leslie Young. Global News. August 10, 2015

Food insecurity takes ‘significant toll’ on health care system: study
CTV News. August 10, 2015

Food insecurity a heavy cost on Ontario’s health care system: study
Kristy Hoffman. The Globe and Mail. August 10, 2015

How hunger leads to higher health-care costs
Carolyn Morris. U of T News. August 10, 2015

Food insecurity and high healthcare costs go hand in hand
Kathryn Doyle. Reuters. August 10, 2015

Hunger in Canada leads to poorer health, higher health costs, study finds
Kathleen Sandusky. Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES). August 10, 2015

Going hungry: Digesting Canada’s food security problem
Leslie Young. Global News. July 31, 2015

Food banks not a solution for food insecurity
Jonathan Migneault. Northern Life. June 14, 2015

Food insecurity on P.E.I. continues to grow
CBC Prince Edward Island. May 21, 2015

How Hunger Became a First World Problem
Andrew MacLeod. The Tyee. February 24, 2015

Food for the North
Joelle Dahm. McGill Daily. January 12, 2015