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    New report finds persistently high rates of food insecurity, policy action on inadequate income needed

    We recently released our latest report on household food insecurity in Canada. In 2021, 15.9% of households in the ten provinces were food-insecure. Learn more about it here.

    August 16, 2022

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    AHS review and recommendations on food insecurity screening

    Alberta Health Services (AHS) has recently published an extensive review of the literature on food insecurity screening in healthcare settings.

    July 21, 2022

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    Newfoundland & Labrador Minimum Wage Review Submission

    Food First NL and PROOF have co-authored a submission to the 2022 Newfoundland and Labrador Minimum Wage Review Committee.

    March 29, 2022

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    PROOF research featured in inaugural CRDCN research-policy snapshots

    PROOF provided 4 snapshots showcasing policy relevant research enabled by data access through the Canadian Research Data Centre Network.

    March 17, 2022

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    Healthy Cities in the SDG Era Podcast: Zero Hunger

    Dr. Valerie Tarasuk, spoke with host Dr. Erica Di Ruggiero about food insecurity in Canada in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

    September 8, 2021

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    PROOF discusses food insecurity in Canada on Rights Not Charity Podcast

    Dr. Valerie Tarasuk, recently discussed food insecurity in Canada with the Global Solidarity Alliance for Food, Health and Social Justice.

    August 26, 2021

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    New Research & Fact Sheet – Provincial Policy Levers to Reduce Household Food Insecurity

    This fact sheet and video summarizes the findings from a new study looking at the roles of provincial policy and economic environment on food insecurity.

    May 27, 2021

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    How to tackle food insecurity in Canada

    Our new whiteboard animation look at what’s needed to tackle household food insecurity in Canada and evidence for dedicated income-based responses.

    May 12, 2021

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    More Canadians are food insecure than ever before – and the problem is only getting worse

    PROOF provides a long-awaited look into food insecurity in this country. Drawing on the 2017-18 CCHS, we found that 1 in 8 households were food insecure.

    March 11, 2020

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    Research snapshot – Food insecurity and use of mental health services

    The Evidence Exchange Network has produced a new research resource on our study of food insecurity and mental health service utilization in Ontario.

    August 16, 2018