What’s behind the federal grocery rebate – Interview on the Shaye Ganam Show

April 11, 2023

Dr. Tarasuk spoke with Shaye Ganam on the federal “grocery rebate”, why it is a positive step in policy thinking around addressing food insecurity, and the need to go further with more adequate, enduring income supports in Canada.

Listen to the full interview below:

“What’s very nice about the grocery rebate, as they’re calling it, is that it’s working to put money in people’s pockets and, you know, not only is that a more dignified thing to do, but it’s a more efficient thing to do. So that’s one of the major advances now is rather than stimulating more food charity operations because our government is actually saying, OK, we’ve got to go upstream with the income problem and here’s a way to do that.”
-Dr. Valerie Tarasuk

Check out our commentary, Federal budget 2023: Grocery rebate is the right direction on food insecurity, but there’s a long road ahead, in The Conversation for a look at what this budget item means for food insecurity amidst unprecedented inflation.

At this critical juncture of high food insecurity and unprecedented inflation, the 2023 federal budget is heading in the right direction, but falls short of taking the necessary steps to address food insecurity.