PROOF’s new look

July 19, 2022

This website started as a place for us to provide notifications of new research and share our status reports on household food insecurity in Canada. It has since evolved into a leading resource for policy makers, researchers, community organizations, and concerned citizens looking to learn more about this problem.

We are excited to share our website’s new design and changes to make the findings of our research more accessible and impactful for informing policy action.

Monitor showing PROOF website homepage


Our Understanding Household Food Insecurity section continues to provide a broad overview of household food insecurity in Canada, and why it is a serious public health problem and matter of public policy.

Our Resources & Publications section has been re-organized so that it is easier to find relevant information and tools.

For over a decade, PROOF has advanced understanding of food insecurity in Canada. Our Research Publications page now lists the research articles and links to the papers and related summaries and resources.

To expand the reach of this research, we’ve developed our main series of status reports and fact sheets, as well as collaborations on webinars and other multimedia research summaries and resources. PROOF researchers have also regularly engaged with the public through commentaries and media interviews, which now have dedicated pages for quick access.

We’ve also added a page on Indigenous Food Insecurity to provide an overview of surveys of food insecurity among Indigenous Peoples, outside of Statistics Canada’s Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) and the Canadian Income Survey (CIS).

While these two surveys are the source of national monitoring data, they do not include Indigenous Peoples living on-reserve. Food insecurity among Indigenous People is likely even worse than it appears in national estimates from CCHS or CIS data given the underrepresentation. Other research and organizations have worked to better understand and report on Indigenous food insecurity and readers are encouraged to visit the reports and sites listed.

Our research has made it clear that household food insecurity is a large problem in Canada, one requiring policies that ensure households have adequate incomes in order to meaningfully address. We hope that this redesign will help build capacity for research, advocacy, and evidence-based policy making.

Please stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks and months. The latest news can be found here on our blog, on Twitter, and our mailing list.

We welcome suggestions and questions about our new website or any of our work. Please connect with us through our Contact Form.