Household Food Insecurity in Canada: Problem Definition and Potential Solutions in the Public Policy Domain

March 15, 2016

This study investigated the discussion of food insecurity in Canadian politics by examining federal and provincial Hansard records. The researchers found that legislators tied food insecurity to food banks, despite evidence that food banks are unable to address the problem and that food bank statistics greatly underestimate it. While the discussion around inadequate income, the root cause of food insecurity, is promising, it appears that it is not the primary focus of political discourse around solving food insecurity.

For more information, visit Laura Anderson’s blog post, “Political Talk about Food Insecurity in Canada“, for the UTP Journal Blog.

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[Abstract]McIntyre, L., Patterson, P. B., Anderson, L. C., & Mah, C. L. (2016). Household food insecurity in Canada: Problem definition and potential solutions in the public policy domain. Canadian Public Policy, 42(1), 83–93.