New Publications: Food bank usage is a poor indicator of food insecurity and Canada-US comparison of food insecurity and nutrient intakes

Food Bank Usage Is a Poor Indicator of Food Insecurity: Insights from Canada
Loopstra R, Tarasuk V.
Social Policy and Society 2015; 14(3): 443-455

Household Food Insecurity Is a Stronger Marker of Adequacy of Nutrient Intakes among Canadian Compared to American Youth and Adults
Kirkpatrick SI, Dodd KW, Parsons R, Ng C, Garriguet D, Tarasuk V.
Journal of Nutrition 2015 May 20. pii: jn208579. [Epub ahead of print]

New Publications: Policy analysis of Canada’s response to the World Food Summit, Food bank operations in Canadian cities and Income-supplementation on food insecurity

A frame-critical policy analysis of Canada’s response to the World Food Summit 1998-2008
Mah CL, Hamill C, Rondeau K, McIntyre L.
Archives of Public Health 2014; 72(41)
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A survey of food bank operations in five Canadian cities
Tarasuk V, Dachner N, Hamelin AM, Ostry A, Williams P, Bosckei E, Poland B, Raine K.
BMC Public Health 2014, 14:1234
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A difference-in-differences approach to estimate the effect of income-supplementation on food insecurity
Ionescu-Ittu R, Glymour MM, Kaufman JS.
Prev Med. 2015; 70:108-16

New publication making the case for a guaranteed annual income in Canada to reduce food insecurity and improve health

A Solution for Poverty
The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary
Lynn McIntyre outlines the findings of a report that examines whether offering guaranteed income to more… [Video]

How a guaranteed annual income could put food banks out of business
Emerya JCH, Fleisch VC, McIntyre L.
SPP Research Papers 2013; 6(37):1-20.
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New poverty reduction strategy calls for guaranteed income for more than just seniors
The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary
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